Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't read this ... unless I'm right

I generally try to avoid looking like an idiot, but I'll go ahead and throw myself out there for the biggest game of the year. Here's what I think about Florida and Oklahoma:

* I think that both defenses are underrated. While the offenses are flat-out terrifying (Florida on the ground, Oklahoma in the air), I just don't see the 52-48 shootout some are expecting.

* I think that I will want to punch Thom Brennaman in the face at some point during the evening (actually, I know I will).

* I think that Oklahoma has been the most impressive team this season, and if I had to vote right now, I'd put them at No. 1.

* I think that it will be hard for Sam Bradford and his receivers to maintain the timing they had late in the season after a two-month layoff, and that will give the Gators a much better shot than they would have had if this game had been played at the beginning of December.

* I think that Tim Tebow has a competitive streak like no other and Urban Meyer is a scary-good big-game coach, and that combination is making me extremely leery of picking the Sooners.

* I think that Florida will win 35-27.

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