Saturday, February 14, 2009

More fun for Kiffin

Lane Kiffin has been thoroughly (and rightly) criticized for the controversy he's caused since taking over at Tennessee, so when he was cited for a third minor recruiting violation this week, the consensus response was, "Can't this guy stop screwing up?"

For once, though, there's really nothing to criticize. His "violation" was using a recruit's name (Bryce Brown, to be specific) when talking on a radio show in Knoxville about the growing trend of players delaying their commitment past National Signing Day.

Yes, Brown is considering attending Tennessee, and there is a rule that forbids coaches from publicly discussing uncommitted recruits. But citing a high school player as an example of something completely unrelated to the Vols' recruitment of him seems like a pretty insignificant slip of the tongue.

This is one instance in which Kiffin's previous remarks -- and the frenzy they caused -- have brought unnecessary attention to a mostly harmless remark. Normally I'd defend the guy, but ... well, he's the only one to blame for the intense spotlight he's now under.

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