Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There's no "O" in Pitt

Who'd have ever thought Dave Wannstedt would yearn for the good ol' days of 2008? It's hard to believe, but the way things are going at Pitt right now, the offense next season will have a hard time approaching even the mediocre performance of last year (LeSean McCoy excepted).

It was only about two weeks ago when I wrote this piece following the dismissal of receiver T.J. Porter:
... with LeSean McCoy and LaRod Stephens-Howling now in the NFL, Pitt desperately needs the passing game to step it up this year in order to have any semblance of an offense. With fifth-year senior Bill Stull at QB, stud sophomore Jonathan Baldwin and senior Oderick Turner at receiver and the talented Nate
Byham at tight end, the pieces are in place ...
Yeah, those pieces aren't exactly coming together. It was announced on Sunday that Baldwin, probably the most talented player on the team, has been charged with misdemeanor indecent assault, summary harassment and summary disorderly conduct after an alleged incident with a woman on a bus.

I never want to jump to conclusions, but a suspension -- at the minimum -- seems likely. Wannstedt obviously "wasn't available for comment on the matter," presumably because he was busy punching himself in the face and trying to figure out if Larry Fitzgerald has any eligibility remaining.

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