Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mellow yellow

The annual unveiling of Oregon's Halloween costumes -- by which I mean uniforms -- took place last week and was a little less horrific than usual.

The minimal use of eye-stabbingly bright yellow along with the implementation of black, silver and a darker shade of green make these new unis surprisingly tolerable. And note that while most teams unveil a home, an away and an alternate, Oregon kept up with its usual standards of variety and has five jerseys and three sets of pants ... oh, and five different helmets.

My only complaint: Good Lord, the shoulder wings have to go. I have a hard time believing that ANYONE thinks those looks good, let alone a majority of the players (who supposedly consult with Nike on the designs). The yellow jersey/silver number/black pants combo is also pretty bad, but no worse than what we've seen in past years.

Overall, it's not a bad set -- especially when you consider that the design process probably consists mostly of prospective Oregon recruits sitting at a table with a bunch of colored highlighters and a uniform template.

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