Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, Sparty

It's amazing how Michigan State's ability to blow an imminently winnable game just never gets old. On Saturday, it was Kirk Cousins' turn to add his name to Spartans lore with this spectacular effort on the final drive:

Wwwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (In case you couldn't tell, I take extra delight in watching Michigan State lose in heartbreaking fashion.)

I'll give the Spartans some credit: They hung closer with Notre Dame than I ever expected them to, and Cousins was very good for about 59 minutes ... but the ending was just soooo Sparty-like that it's hard to remember any of the positives. I'm not expecting the typical MSU slide -- the defense is too good and the offense too balanced for that type of collapse -- but momentum and confidence mean a lot in college football, and I have a hard time believing that Michigan State has much of either right now.

The Irish, on the other hand, dodged a bullet. Charlie Weis owes Kyle McCarthy a steak dinner (I'm sure he knows a good place or two) for that last-minute interception, because it probably saved his job.

That job would be a lot easier if Michael Floyd wasn't made out of paper mache -- an apparent broken collarbone could be a huge blow to the ND offense -- but considering that just one good throw from Kirk Cousins on the final drive could have put the nail in Weis' proverbial coffin, I doubt he's complaining too much about anything right now.

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