Monday, October 26, 2009

Simply awful

There are terrible offensive performances and then there are TERRIBLE offensive performances, and there's no question that Nebraska's 9-7 loss to Iowa State on Saturday falls into the latter category. It's not that the Huskers couldn't move the ball -- 362 total yards is a fairly average performance -- but when you turn it over a whopping EIGHT times, nothing else matters.

Five fumbles. Three interceptions. Four turnovers inside the Iowa State 5-yard line, including a fumble by Niles Paul that slipped out of his hand as he was cruising into the endzone untouched (one of three turnovers that came after a completed pass). Nebraska had turned the ball over six times all year coming into the game, and that number more than doubled in one afternoon.

I don't know what else to say without digging into my thesaurus to find synonyms for "inexplicable," so just watch the video and be glad your team didn't lose the same way (unless you're a Huskers fan, in which case you should be avoiding all football-related material for at least five more days):

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