Friday, February 26, 2010

Iowa fans win

I vaguely remember the 2002 Iowa team as a Brad Banks-led juggernaut that smoked Michigan in Ann Arbor, went undefeated in conference play and lost to USC in the Orange Bowl. Banks was a Heisman finalist, Kirk Ferentz was suddenly an NFL coaching candidate, etc.

Thanks to Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants, I now have one more hilarious reason to remember that team (or at least the fans of that team). He starts off discussing Iowa's ownage of Minnesota over the past decade before getting to the good stuff:
But it all began in 2002, as the most surreal season in the history of the program came to a close in Minneapolis. Iowa spanked Minnesota 45-21 to finish Big Ten play undefeated for the first time in program history, close out an 11-1 campaign, and send the Hawkeyes to a BCS game for the first time ever. The Iowa fans in attendance -- and, by midway through the fourth quarter, Iowa fans were all who remained in attendance -- threw roses on the field. Then they threw themselves on the field. Then they lifted their collective leg and staked claim to the Metrodome in one of the all-time great moments in ownage, tearing down Minnesota's goalposts and attempting to carry them out of the stadium. To this day, it remains the ultimate trump card in any discussion of the Iowa-Minnesota rivalry.
Ummm ... what?!? That's gotta be an exaggeration, right?

Wow. Just wow. If Iowa and Minnesota ever go to war, I'm on Iowa's side.

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