Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One more spring disclaimer

Just to clarify, the stuff posted yesterday wasn't entirely gleaned from spring games. The games themselves aren't a very good way to judge things, for a number of reasons (offensive lines get split up, first-team offenses go against second-team defenses, starters are held out for precautionary reasons, etc.).

But hearing all spring that Denard Robinson might have surpassed Tate Forcier on the depth chart was something that could be verified in the spring game, and it was. The fact that a walk-on QB is dead even with Kevin Newsome for the starting QB gig at Penn State is a bad sign for Newsome, regardless of either guy's stats. Dayne Crist's participation in Notre Dame's spring game was meaningful in and of itself. And so on.

The three weeks of practice as a whole are a lot more meaningful than the games themselves, but the games provide a public way to view everyone's progress in a semi-meaningful environment and determine (at least to some extent) what's true and what's just coachspeak.

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