Monday, December 15, 2008

Flashback is reporting that Ball State offensive coordinator Stan Parrish will take over for Brady Hoke, who resigned to accept the head coaching job at San Diego State.

Michigan fans may remember Parrish as the quarterbacks coach in the late '90s and offensive coordinator in 2000 and 2001, when he oversaw the likes of Drew Henson, Anthony Thomas, David Terrell, Steve Hutchinson ... and, of course, the mentally scarring freshman and sophomore years of John Navarre.

Parrish also served as head coach at Marshall in 1984-85 and then Kansas State (where he went a disastrous 2-30-1) from 1986-88, so he does have some experience as the top guy -- but it was an awfully long time ago. Also, Parrish will turn 63 early next season, so he's not exactly a long-term solution.

But all things considered, when you're Ball State, I suppose you take what you can get. They could do a lot worse than a former Michigan offensive coordinator with D-I head coaching experience.

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