Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to reality

A story Sunday in the Chicago Tribune stated that Charlie Weis considered leaving Notre Dame at the end of last season -- voluntarily. This seemed a bit stunning at first glance, but Weis' quotes seemed to back up that assertion:
"We talked about all that as a family, and we felt that we didn't want to leave that way," Weis said. "That would have been the easy way out. That's not why we came here."
On Wednesday, though, Weis clarified his statements and told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette that the discussion wasn't so much about leaving as it was about having a backup plan in the event that he lose his job following another embarrassing loss to USC. The quotes are a bit rambly, but it appears that Weis was had no intention of leaving voluntarily.

The supposed reasoning for the family discussion was that Weis was concerned for his teenage son's well-being as the Irish continued to struggle, but let's be realistic here. Despite all its troubles in the last three years, Notre Dame is still the cream of the crop in terms of college football coaching jobs, and for a guy whose ego is as big as his appetite, there's no way Weis would step aside without being forced to.

As noted by Notre Dame blog UHND, what should be taken from the Tribune's story is not that Weis was planning on leaving, but that he was actually so close to being fired that he was discussing his future career options with his family. If there was any question as to how short a leash Weis is on -- nine wins seems to be the absolute minimum this year -- his statements should clear things up.

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