Thursday, April 16, 2009

One more thing

As the rumors continue to swirl about Greg Paulus and his potential transfer to Michigan, I'd like to add (or clarify) one thing.

Paulus was at one time an excellent recruit, but for a guy who was a mediocre college basketball player and has never played a down of college football, the media attention this story has gotten -- from ESPN, in particular -- is completely out of whack. This is what happens when the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader gets ahold of a story that combines two of the biggest fan bases in sports: Duke basketball and Michigan football.

Even if Paulus does decide to enroll at Michigan -- which hasn't yet been decided (it's unclear whether he's even been offered a scholarship) -- the chances of him seeing significant playing time are remote. Early enrollee Tate Forcier appears to have the starting job locked up, and the rust that Paulus would have to shake off seems like it would be prohibitive for someone hoping to step onto the field at the highest level of college football.

I'd still like to have him at UM, as the alternatives behind Forcier are less than thrilling, but the talk of competing for a starting job is unrealistic hype that isn't helping anything.

With Forcier getting a little defensive about his status as starter and douchebag journalists such as Woody Paige using this is another opportunity to kick Michigan while it's down, this has grown into something WAY bigger than it was ever intended to be -- Rich Rodriguez looking to add some depth by picking up a talented athlete for one year.

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