Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look out, Boise State

Without question, the coolest field in college football belongs to Boise State. That will continue to be the case in Division I, but ...
Taking a cue from Boise State's famous blue turf, Eastern Washington is planning to install an artificial red playing surface inside its football stadium. The Big Sky program's official school colors are red and white.
Whoa. You're probably wondering what that would look like. Fortunately, Eastern Washington has been kind enough to provide us with an incredibly high-tech computer-generated glimpse:
I think I said this already, but I repeat: whoa. That's pretty intense. According to Dr. Saturday over at the Yahoo/Rivals conglomerate, there aren't currently any NCAA rules or bylaws regarding playing fields (well, I'm pretty sure they have to be the right size, but there's no restriction on color). They might wanna consider one, because as cool as a red field would look, I can't imagine it'd be easy for fans or officials to make out what's going on when the players' uniforms (and the ball) blend in with the surface. And yes, I know I'm no fun.

But will I tune in to watch a game (assuming EWU is ever on TV) and find out? Hell yeah.

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