Friday, June 4, 2010

Hurry up already

Apparently we won't be getting the NCAA's verdict on USC today:
USC assistant vice president of media relations James Grant told the campus television station Thursday that the NCAA has not informed USC that the report is ready for release.
If you're wondering why it's taken so freaking long to finalize the penalties, the educated people I've talked to (or read) say there are a lot of details to iron out, and these have to be agreed upon and signed by every member of the Committee on Infractions. In other words, there's probably some argument over the exact penalties (length of scholarship reductions, etc.). The fact that the report was set to be released today means they have to be close -- the overall punishment structure is probably set -- but there's no way to know anything until the whole thing gets released.

Hopefully we find out the specifics some time this decade.

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