Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ridiculous stat of the day

Washington State has won a total of two games against D-I teams in the past two seasons. That's pretty bad. But to realize just how epically, ridiculously terrible they've been, just look at this chart that shows the worst single-season yardage differentials in the past decade:

1. 2009 Washington St -3161
2. 2006 Temple -2841
3. 2008 Washington St -2630
4. 2009 New Mexico St -2526
5. 2003 Army -2514
6. 2001 Baylor -2415
7. 2005 Temple -2348
8. 2002 Rutgers -2292
9. 2008 Washington -2263
10. 2003 Buffalo -2227

Upshot: Washington State's past two seasons have been two of the three worst for all teams in college football in the past decade. And if you need further proof, here it is: Wazzu has been outscored by 723 points (!!!) in that time.

We're talking about a Pac-10 team that went to a Rose Bowl just over a decade ago and is now being obliterated by an average of 241 yards and over 30 points per game. That's just embarrassing. I know it's not easy to win at a school with minimal tradition in the middle of nowhere, but somebody should remind Paul Wulff that it's OK to be competitive.

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