Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching up: Getting personal with Tebow

* Boise State made its big scheduling announcement on Tuesday, and unfortunately it didn't include Michigan -- the Broncos will open the 2010 season against Virginia Tech at FedEx Field. Boise certainly can't be criticized for shying away from big-time competition, but after my assumption that they'd open the season at Michigan Stadium, I'm a little disappointed. There aren't a whole lot of teams left with an opening that week that would create any sort of excitement, but The Michigan Daily put together a list:
Air Force, Akron, Arkansas, Army, Boise State, Boston College, Duke, East Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Florida International, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Houston, Idaho, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Mississippi State, Nevada, New Mexico State, North Texas, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, San Diego State, Syracuse, Temple, Tulsa, Central Florida, Utah, UTEP, Virginia, Wake Forest, Washington State, Western Michigan, West Virginia.
If God is a college football fan, he will send Moses back down the mountain with the commandment for a Michigan-West Virginia matchup (I would order a subscription to every newspaper in West Virginia if this happened, purely for the entertainment value). I'd also be perfectly happy with Florida State, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Pitt or Boston College; I'd be satisfied with Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Oregon State, Rutgers or Virginia.

* Amid all the talk about the Army-Notre Dame game at Yankee Stadium, MVictors put up a little historical recap on Michigan's visits to the Bronx to play the cadets in 1945-46. What caught my attention was this quote from a 1964 Sports Illustrated article regarding a coaching decision by UM's Fritz Crisler that changed football forever:
What made him decide to go to platooning in 1945?

“Sheer necessity. You see, almost all colleges were playing freshmen at the time, because the older boys were in the service. Now, before the Michigan-Army game I figured that I would have to start nine freshmen against Red Blaik's great Blanchard-Davis team. By comparison with Michigan, Army had a team of mature men. I asked myself, ‘How are our poor, spindly-legged freshmen going to stand up against these West Pointers all afternoon?’ I knew I would have to spell them off during the game. So I picked our best defensive men and said, ‘When we lose the ball, you fellows automatically go in.’ Then I got my best offensive men and ball handlers together and said, ‘When we regain possession, you fellows automatically go in.’ As it turned out, I only platooned the lines, and the linebackers on defense. We lost the game 28-7, but it should have been much, much worse."
* Robert Marve, who transferred from Miami to Purdue just a couple months ago, tore his ACL while working out in Florida last week and will be out of action indefinitely ... which would be pretty damaging for the Boilermakers except that he's being forced to sit out the season anyway due to his transfer. In other words, this sucks for Marve but probably won't have much of a long-term effect: Purdue will still be mediocre this season and Marve will still be the starting quarterback in 2010.

* The ridiculous attention being paid to Tim Tebow's "snub" (not being named unanimously all-SEC) has reached a fever pitch at SEC Media Day, with Lane Kiffin, Houston Nutt and several of the other prime suspects coming out on the record and saying that they voted for Tebow. The only guys who haven't publicly affirmed their Tebow love at this point are Auburn's Gene Chizik, LSU's Les Miles and South Carolina's Steve Spurrier (this all assumes that you believe Kiffin, of course). But the real question is why anyone actually cares about this "controversy." For the first time in the history of, a reader actually generated an intelligent comment:
Oh the pain currently being felt by the sports media... ONE coach in the SEC didn't think Tebow was the best QB. We must expose this wretched soul who dares to have a different opinion than our own!
* Speaking of SEC Media Day, I understand that there are some odd-ball questions at these events, but asking about Tebow's virginity is just going too far -- especially from a an established internet journalist like Clay Travis, the former associate editor of Deadspin and now a writer for AOL Fanhouse.

* Mississippi State running back Anthony Dixon, by far the team's biggest offensive weapon, decided to turn himself into a literal weapon by apparently drinking two bottles of champagne in his car and then swerving around the streets of Starkville, according to the police report. Dixon has been charged with DUI, careless driving and failure to carry insurance, although according to USA Today, "It is unclear how (Dan Mullen) will handle disciplinary action or whether Dixon will be suspended for the start of the season." The story also points out that four Bulldogs players have been arrested since Mullen took over in December, so if he doesn't suspend Dixon, I have no idea how he thinks he's going to get the disciplinary situation under control.

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