Thursday, July 30, 2009

The search is over

I didn't believe some of the initial reports yesterday that presumed UConn would be Michigan's opponent for the 2010 opener in renovated Michigan Stadium, but as usual, I was wrong:
UConn has reached an agreement with Michigan on a home-and-home series that will see the Huskies travel to Ann Arbor in 2010 and the Wolverines head to Rentschler Field in 2013, according to sources with knowledge of the negotiations.
The thing about a rumored UConn series that I simply couldn't bring myself to believe was that Michigan would agree to play at 40,000-seat Rentschler Field, but hell, 2013 is a long time from now. For all we know, UConn could be four-time defending Big East champions by then (given the state of the conference, very little would surprise me). And although the Huskies couldn't get Notre Dame to agree to a home-and-home -- they'll instead play at Giants Stadium or Gillette Stadium -- Tennessee will visit Hartford in 2016 (yes, 2016), so UM isn't the first to be drawn by the Huskies' alluring ... um, something.

I can't say I'm thrilled -- UConn was pretty far down the list from Cal, Oklahoma State, Pitt, etc. -- but I'm not devastated. The important thing was to find a quality (non-MAC) opponent for the unveiling of Michigan Stadium's luxury boxes, and that's been accomplished.

In summary: Meh.

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