Monday, August 3, 2009

Can you find the craziness?

It's hard to say whether it's Pete Carroll or Urban Meyer who's been the best coach in the country over the past five years, but I think most of us can agree that it's been one or the other. So when Meyer signed a six-year extension today paying him $4 million a year, the third-highest "financial package" of any coach in the country, it was certainly deserving.

Carroll, of course, is No. 1 on that list. But after that is where it gets amusing:

1. Pete Carroll, USC -- $4.4M
2. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame -- $4.2M
3. Urban Meyer, Florida -- $4M
4. Nick Saban, Alabama -- $3.9M
5. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma -- $3.8M
6. Les Miles, LSU -- $3.8M
7. Jim Tressel, Ohio State -- $3.5M
8. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa -- $3M
9. Mack Brown,Texas -- $2.9M
10. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas -- $2.9M
11. Mark Richt, Georgia -- $2.9M

It was pretty clear about midway through last season that Notre Dame was wishing it had been a little more patient rather than signing Weis to a 10-year extension in 2005, but comparing his compensation with some of the other top coaches in the country just demonstrates the absurdity of that contract.

Unless he negotiated a body-weight bonus, Weis has no business being in the same financial ballpark as the other 10 guys on that list.

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