Saturday, August 22, 2009

Get this man into a home

Lou Holtz has been bordering on senility for a while now. It's reached the point where I look at him more as an entertainment figure than an expert, simply because his "analysis" consists of explaining why Notre Dame will beat its opponent each week. If only I could persuade him to put his money on the line in a pick 'em contest, I'd be a rich man.

But it's clear now that Holtz is past the point of no return:

As the words were coming out of his mouth, all I could think was, "No, tell me he's not serious. He can't be picking Notre Dame for the national championship. Please don't be that insane. Please ... yeah, he did it."

I'm not even gonna bother disputing his points; they're so ridiculous that to do so would simply be stating the obvious. Trying to reason with Lou Holtz about Notre Dame would be like trying to reason with a 2-year-old about cookies.

I know the guy is an unabashed homer (and always has been), but he's into Beano Cook territory now, where reality simply doesn't affect his view of Notre Dame football.

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