Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No, he didn't

Terrelle Pryor is fast. I will not dispute this.

It's hard to tell exactly how fast, though, because he's one of those strange guys who moves much faster than he appears to be, probably because his legs are about 10 feet long. Each stride consumes a ridiculous amount of space, so he simply glides past defenders while somehow looking both awkward and graceful.

Ohio State decided to go ahead and quantify this mystery for us, and the results ...
(Pryor's) 40 time was a speedy 4.33. Sophomore receiver Lamaar Thomas said he ran a 4.37 and no one else ran under 4.4 when the players were timed early this summer.
... ummm, no. Absolutely not.

As SpeedEndurance.com points out (courtesy of Dr. Saturday), if OSU's timing is accurate, it means Pryor was ahead of Usain Bolt's insane world-record pace from the 2008 Olympics, which ... no. Just no. You can debate the differences between a 40-yard dash and a 100-meter dash all you want, but Terrelle Pryor did NOT outrun every sprinter in Olympic history.

I don't mean to downplay Pryor's speed and athleticism -- it still means something that the 6'6", 235-pound QB is the fastest guy on the team -- but there are fake 40 times and there are FAKE 40 times, and this falls into the latter category.

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