Thursday, August 6, 2009

No wonder the recruiting classes are so good

I can't really vouch for the credibility of the site, but spartyandfriends (apparently a Florida blog, despite the name) is reporting that when Percy Harvin was invited to Gainesville last week to speak to some prospective Florida recruits, his comments weren't exactly, um, politically correct:
- Harvin discussed his continuous pot use and how he was able to smoke it for the majority of his time at UF.

- Harvin also confirmed the long-time rumor that he made a mistake and choked his wide receivers coach, and how the school gave him a second chance by covering it up so the media didn’t report it.

- He also talked about the benefits that being a Gator brought to the party scene in Gainesville.

Wait, being a football player brings benefits to the party scene? Who knew?

But seriously, did the Florida coaches let him talk about smoking pot and choking his position coach? It's kind of hard to verify when no one who was there has been asked about it and the writer cites "sources" but no third-party confirmation.

It'd be kind of a weird thing to make up, though, wouldn't it? And if it is true, it certainly answers the question as to how Florida has been so dominant on the recruiting trail: Just let the players do whatever they want. "Hey, I can smoke pot, get laid all the time and do anything I want -- and the coaches will cover it up? Sweet!"

Then again, considering that 24 Florida players have been charged with a crime in Urban Meyer's four years as coach, maybe we shouldn't be that surprised.

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