Friday, August 21, 2009

I wish I could bet on stuff like this

We have a new candidate for the Least Surprising Headline of the Year Award:

Really??? You mean a high schooler with an agent might have eligibility issues?

Yes, I'm aware that Brian Butler isn't technically an agent, but he can call himself an "adviser" until he's blue in the face; anyone who handles your press, schedules your visits and takes care of your marketing -- while attempting to profit from it -- is an agent. The NCAA might do a lot of stupid stuff, but their compliance officers aren't blind.

There's been no official announcement regarding any punishment, but according to several media reports, Tennessee has already received a ruling and has filed an appeal. Since there'd be no reason to file an appeal unless the punishment included a suspension, I think we can draw our own conclusions.

A brief suspension wouldn't have a significant effect on Tennessee's season -- between senior Montario Hardesty and freshmen David Oku and Toney Williams, the Vols have plenty of quality options at running back -- but I'm sure Lane Kiffin would like to have some positive press at some point in his career.

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